NJIT’s Highlander High Five Appreciation and Recognition Program


The new Highlander High Five Appreciation and Recognition Program enables employees to recognize their colleagues for going over and beyond and exhibiting other exemplary workplace behavior.  The program also supports NJIT’s 2020 strategy, by recognizing faculty and staff who exhibit the university’s core values. These behaviors, in addition to NJIT’s core values, may include but are not limited to:

  • Exhibiting exemplary customer service
  • Exhibiting discretionary behavior or extraordinary effort, which are not part of the job description, and are performed by the employee as a result of personal choice
  • Behavior that goes above and beyond that which may be expected requirement of the individual’s position requirements
  • Contributing positively to overall organizational effectiveness

To recognize one of your NJIT colleagues, you will need to submit a nomination form. The Highlander High Five nomination form can be found on the Highlander Pipeline on the “Faculty/Staff Services” page under “Human Resources Services.”

Upon completion and submission, a copy of your recognition will be emailed to the employee(s), their supervisor, and Human Resources.  The recognized employee will also receive a Highlander High Five certificate of appreciation and recognition. Please note that you are able to select multiple names for the recognition.  Though submitted as a team recognition, individual recognition emails will be sent to the employee and their manager.

All full and part-time staff and full time faculty are eligible to receive this just-in-time recognition. Employees recognized through the Highlander High Five Appreciation and Recognition Program will also have their names listed on the Human Resources Media Wall.

For questions, please contact Bob Lazer (lazer@njit.edu) or Lauren Rubitz (rubitz@njit.edu).