The Manager’s Role and responsibility for staff development and training

To help ensure that training and development opportunities are beneficial to the learner and the learnings are applied back on the job, managers need to:

Before Training

  • Help staff identify their competency gaps and training needs
  • Help create, and support, staff IDP’s (Individual Development Plan)
  • Reinforce and commit to staff development actions
    • Hold staff accountable for fulfilling their IDP
    • Hold staff accountable for attending training registered for

During Training

  • Provide the necessary time to attend and complete training
  • Do not interrupt or pull staff when in training

After the Training

  • Show interest in, and ask about, what they learned and how they plan on applying the learning
  • Encourage and reinforce new behaviors
  • Complete and return follow-up training evaluation surveys
  • Recognize effective new knowledge and/or behaviors on PMDP