Manual PAF Processing

The Personnel Action Form, commonly known as the PAF, is used for virtually all employment changes. These consist of, but are not limited to: appointment of new hires, separations, promotions, transfers, reclassifications, sabbaticals, leave of absences, special salary actions and labor distribution changes. The form is completed by the department, signed off by the department head, division head and Vice President, and then forwarded to the Budget Office (Grant and Contract Services reviews and approves grant-funded positions). Once the Budget Office signs off on the form, it is forwarded to Human Resources for processing.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

The university is transitioning to electronic PAFs and all personnel actions or employment changes will move to electronic processing format in due course.  Currently, electronic PAFs are being used for continuing Adjunct assignments, job assignment continuations and summer assignments for some pilot departments.

EPAF guides can be accessed at:

Important Dates for PAF/EPAF Processing: