Employees are a valuable asset and are a significant investment to the university.   As your business partner, it is Human Resources’ responsibility to provide you with the best tools to be efficient and effective throughout the recruitment process.


When an open position becomes available within a department, the first step in the recruitment process is to create a personnel requisition through the Employee Recruitment System, accessible through the NJIT Pipeline. A personnel requisition typically includes a job description, requisite skills, and qualifications for the job. Department of Human Resources classifies the position from union affiliation, salary range, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) perspectives. After being fully approved, this requisition eventually becomes the job posting on NJIT’s recruitment website (njit.jobs). Please refer to the Online Recruitment User Guide for guidance on completing a personnel requisition.

External Advertising

Once a personnel requisition is approved and posted on the NJIT careers site, you may choose to externally advertise as well.  The options available are placing an advertisement in a variety of online job boards, or in print media including newspapers, trade journals and publications. Advertising on NJIT’s Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook sites would complement your current use of NJIT’s job website, diversity websites and other publications.

To post an external ad, the hiring manager must complete an Advertising Request Form (ARF) which can be found here.  The desired ad copy should be emailed to rubitz@njit.edu . The appropriate department head and vice president must sign the form and then forward it to the Budget Office for approval. Once the fully approved form is received by Human Resources, it is reviewed and then placed in the requested areas.


A well planned and documented search and selection process results in a diverse and qualified applicant pool and is accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner.  Best practices in successful recruitment suggest that engaging diverse talent early on in the hiring process, before onboarding of the selected candidate, results in hiring and retaining the best talent available.

The search and selection process is a window of opportunity to reinforce NJIT’s culture, collaborative environment, and values.  To that end, the search and selection process should be a positive experience for the candidate considering employment with NJIT.  The quality of communication throughout the search process will drive the candidates’ first impressions and their ultimate career decision to become an employee of NJIT.  At the end of the recruitment process both the candidate and NJIT should be confident that the final selection is a good fit.


Search Processes

The search process will vary depending on the position being sourced.  It may require establishing a formal search committee or only using some of the tools available in this toolkit to conduct a search that promotes diversity and excellence.   Regardless of the position or level of search you are initiating, it is useful to understand the general end-to-end process.

While every search is slightly different it is important to understand the timelines and criteria that must be established with each type of search.

Timelines and criteria need to be created for:

  • When does the search need to be completed?
  • What characteristics are you looking for in a candidate?
  • What weighting will be used for each essential requirement of the position?
  • How long will the position be posted and open for receiving applications? 
  • What is the desired applicant pool size?
  • When will applications be reviewed?
  • What documents in addition to the candidate’s resume needs to be submitted?
  • What is the budget for the search?
  • What are the advertisement requirements and costs?
  • How many final applicants do we want to interview on campus?

When a search committee is formed, it is highly recommended that above activities be completed as a collaborative effort with both Human Resources and the committee members to the extent applicable.

Search committees play a critical role in shaping NJIT’s future by identifying promising candidates likely to increase the university’s success. To support faculty and staff search committee members in their important and challenging roles, below you will find templates, which can be customized, to aid in a consistent and successful search process:

The Department of Human Resources also has additional documents, such as email and letter templates, which you may find useful during the search. Please contact us at ext. 3140 for more information, or if you have any questions throughout the search process.

The Onboarding Process Plan is currently under development.

NJIT complies with all federal and state laws in recruiting and employing non-U.S. citizens. In meeting the best interest of the university, NJIT may support a visa application as necessary to enable an employee to work or conduct research in the United States.

The type of visa one will require depends largely on the purposes for visiting NJIT. 

All departments should be aware that the process of bringing a non US citizen onboard is rather complex and extensive, please plan accordingly, allowing ample time for visa and internal processing.

J1 Exchange Visitor English Proficiency Verification Policy

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